E-Commerce Solutions

Let us help you save both

E-commerce is a vital part of survival for nearly every business in today’s economy. Restaurants have seen around a 300 percent increase in online ordering over the past 3 years. However, they have to give away large chunks of those hard-earned sales just to participate and in many cases lose money on those orders. Industry experts predict this trend will grow exponentially over the next decade and there is a concern among small restaurateurs that they will not be able to sustain their participation in online commerce. 

Small retailers are being swallowed whole and squeezed by established online retail outlets. In some cases the fees are so high retailers cannot afford to sell their goods at all. So how do small and independent businesses with small budgets and little to no tech support stand a chance in today’s online marketplace?

They find small agencies like ours. We work together to get a presence established and then help them build that presence into sustainable revenue streams. We understand the internet and e-commerce and they understand their businesses and customers. We help them navigate the complicated world of e-commerce and put them on a path to control the time and money they invest in developing their site. 

From the start of the project we give explicit instructions the business can execute to prevent wasting invaluable time and energy on things that do not matter and are not necessary. We work to quickly get them to a point where they can manage their online space to prevent piling up billable hours. We do not just disappear once we arrive at this point though. We insist on maintaining the technology that runs the site and the e-commerce engines. When it gets to be too much to handle we are a help ticket away. 


We know how to make this work on a tight budget. We know how much it costs to get in the game. We understand you do not have the time nor money to waste learning how to design, setup, buildout, and maintain a fully custom e-commerce site. We also understand the “it is so easy anyone can do it” promise is just not true. We understand you need help and we know how. We want to help you. We want to empower you. We want to partner with you to ensure your business has a presence in the future.